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Patented Blade Technology

This patented technology allows the blades to flex up, into the holder, under the front part of the skate. It then whips back out and releases power back to you; just like how a one-piece stick flexes and whips to help you launch a puck faster.

We've built this technology into your feet!

Scientifically Proven

Flex-Force Technology has been scientifically proven to make players faster - up to 20% increase in speed!


Bladetech Hockey steel skate blades runners

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Bladetech Hockey steel skate blades runners
Bladetech Hockey steel skate blades runners


Ask yourself this – is any gained speed worth it if you lose an edge in the middle of the game and can’t use it??  From a durability perspective I believe the Bladetech blades are one of the most durable blades I’ve come across

I love them! You guys need to stop selling them to other players because I need an edge on them!

Shane Doan, Team Canada Captain, Future Hall of Famer

The players say they feel strong on their steel and have great control on turns.  I have been very impressed with the quality of the blades. Some guys go up to 4 skates without needing a sharpening. With so many players using Bladetech blades, I save hours of sharpening each day. 

Scott Boggs, Head Equipment Manager, New York Islanders

I heard great things about Bladetech from fellow referees so I gave them a try.  The blades are unbelievable! For sure the best things I have ever used on my feet.

Jon McIsaac, NHL Referee


Over 60 NHL Players & Officials trust Bladetech under skates.

Helping the pros be the best they can be.


Team Cusomization Available

Does your team want to make a statement on the ice? Are you already the best looking team but need the best looking blades to match? Ask us about team customization!