Lera's Story

We are honored to announce the newest member of #TEAMBLADETECH and official Sled Hockey Ambassador: Lera Doederlein of the San Diego Ducks Sled Hockey, and the USA Women’s Sled Development teams.

*photo credit Anaheim Ducks


Lera was born in Russia on April 15, 2003, and subsequently adopted at the age of 21 months. Her new parents brought her back to the United States to be raised originally in the upper Midwest.

Lera wore leg braces and used crutches most of her life due to being born with a condition called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (in both legs), a rare, incurable condition that severely limits mobility.

Lera was unable to do much physically while growing up, since she was confined by braces that stretched from her ankles to above her knees, in addition to a set of complex crutches. Several surgeries offered little relief. So, at age 14, Lera opted to undergo a double above-knee amputation.

Lera was shown the sport of sled hockey not long after her surgery, and her love for the game grew immediately. Now living with her parents in Arizona, she got started with the Arizona Coyotes sled hockey program before her family moved to San Diego in 2018.

There, she joined the San Diego Ducks Sled Hockey Team and quickly made the jump from the youth squad to the adult team due to her advanced skill. Lera continued to work hard on her skills, which eventually also landed her on the USA Women’s Sled Development Team this past summer (currently the highest ranking USA Women’s Sled Team until Women’s Sled Hockey becomes an official Paralympic sport).

Last month, on October 3, Lera was celebrated as the Anaheim Ducks honorary 21st Duck for this season during Opening Night festivities. The 21st Duck is a tradition the Anaheim Ducks organization started in 2015 to honor a fan who "embodies perseverance, character, courage and inspiration, or is making significant contributions to the local community”.

Lera is also a proud member of the Challenged Athletes Foundation Women’s Hand-cycling Team, as well as the Stoke For Life Foundation Junior Adaptive Surf Team, where she excels in both of those sports as well.

Lera lives in San Diego with her parents, David, and Fami, and is looking forward to attending college after the completion of her high school studies.

*photo credit Anaheim Ducks

Lera has been testing our newly developed sled blades over the last few months, and we are extremely happy to report her positive feedback for increased speed and high quality edges contributing to an improved turning ability.

It is a true honor for us to welcome Lera to #TEAMBLADETECH family.

A link to the video showing Anaheim Duck player, Josh Manson inviting Lera to be this season’s 21st Duck:  https://www.nhl.com/ducks/video/21st-duck-lera-doederlein/t-277437084/c-69252103

 A link to the Anaheim Ducks Opening Night video when Lera was announced as the 21st Duck to a sellout crowd at the Honda Center:  https://www.nhl.com/ducks/video/21st-duck-lera-doederlein/t-277437084/c-69340103