Bladetech Summer Ambassador Search 2021

Bladetech Summer Ambassador Search 2021

We were blown away by all of the amazing entries in the first Bladetech Hockey Summer 2021 Ambassador Search.  With so many great posts and candidates it was a difficult decision.  Please welcome the newest official Ambassadors of Bladetech Hockey! #TeamBladetech 

Alexis is a constant contributor to #TeamBladetech as he's consistently working on his skills at home in Quebec.  At his age and skillset, the sky is the limit!

Aiden Greene out of Nova Scotia, Canada has just gotten started on social media but is already making a huge impact.  His raw power mixed with unbelievable hands will make him a force to be reckoned with on the ice.  

Emma is not only a talented hockey player but an amazing videographer! You need to check out her recent #TeamBladetech posts. We can't wait to see what she has in store once she gets back on the ice this fall. 

Nina not only specializes in hockey but in golf as well.  Her constant work on improving her hand-eye coordination will help her excel in both sports.  Being part of #TeamBladetech will only help her speed on the ice.

Not everyone can be the GOAT.  While it's a bold statement at such a young age, we appreciate the ambition.  But ambition is nothing without work and hustle!  Check out goatedhky on IG to see some of their hard work.


Are you interested in representing Bladetech? 

How to become a Bladetech Hockey Ambassador and join #TEAMBLADETECH

 Join #TEAMBLADETECH with your own Bladetech blades

Use the promo code “Ambassador” to receive a discount on your Bladetech blades!

We have worked hard to create the best blades in the world. With 100s of NHL players, Referees and European Pros using Bladetech, you’re going to get the same benefit as the pros.

Be creative!

We take special notice of the most creative, funny and entertaining videos/pics that feature Bladetech Blades.  As part of #TEAMBLADETECH, it pays to work hard and create amazing content!

 Steps to get noticed by Bladetech Hockey and get reposted:

  1. Post a high-quality picture that can show the blades, but more importantly, shows you putting in work or being creative. The more you can include Bladetech blades in the post the better.  
  2. Try to get the picture in uniform.  A selfie with your blades is great, but we receive hundreds of those a day, so it’s tough to stand out. If you have a game pic like this, you will get re-posted.
  3. Tag @bladetechhockey and the hashtag #TEAMBLADETECH

Benefits of Being a Bladetech Hockey Ambassador:

  • Daily reposts on our social media pages and features on our website – the more you post, the more we’ll share!
  • Personalized 10% discount code for you to share with your teammates, family and friends
  • A chance to be chosen for our monthly special player feature: “Bladetech Bios” and receive FREE apparel from Bladetech Hockey

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